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a personal graphics community

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mangokehki is the graphics (and sometimes other things)
community of Sophie, or pickypocky. Uh, Sophie, meaning me...
well, I make tons of icons and I need a place to post'em all!! I'll also
post friends only banners, maybe layout headers... probably not
full layouts, cause LJ layouts are HARD TO CODE. For me at
least. Anyways. I'll also randomly upload j-pop mp3's (sometimes
j-rock, and maybe even other languages, like my native one,
English!! XD), because... well, yeah, just because. So I hope
you'll be pleased with my work, and read the rules below!!
Pleases and thank yous!!

The rules are as follows:
1. Always, always, always give credit. I work hard on my graphics, and
I'd love to be recognised for that work.
2. Don't take something of mine and say you made it. Seriously, I'll
come after you with an axe if you do. I'm not even kidding. O____O
3. TEXTLESS ICONS ARE NOT BASES. Unless I specifically state that
certain icons are bases, you are not to edit them in any way. They're as
they are, and that's that.
4. If I ever make any graphics specifically for one person, or a couple
people, don't use them. Those graphics' use would be restricted to
those people ONLY. (And me, cause I made them. But I probably
wouldn't use them.)
5. Don't come here just to bash mine or anyone else's work. If you
really want to use my graphics, feel free to do so. If you want to give
me constructive criticism, feel free to do that, too. But mind you,
constructive criticism is NOT "you suck HARRRD" or "These are ugly.
Make better ones." Please. If that's all you plan to do, get a life,
6. If I offend you in any way, don't hesitate to let me know. I'm not
here to hurt anyone in any way.
7. Comment if you plan to use something!! I love knowing when my
work is appreciated. ^^

Both the main layout and the userinfo feature the j-pop artist Otsuka Ai.
The graphics are made by me, pickypocky. Layout coding from
reversescollide, userinfo coded by me.